Field Trip to the Health Department

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  • SusieQ B says:

    Always wanted to travel loved the travel around with you I’m here just California dreamin now love and hugs Susie

  • Bobby Lee says:

    loved the tour i have never been to California thanks for vlogging

  • Jennifer Smith says:

    Very interesting! Now I know a little about Fresno.All things California interest me because my son is stationed at Pendleton right now.

  • Stevie D says:

    PS. that doorway was FABULOUS!!!

  • Stevie D says:

    Ha! I love nostalgic road trips! lol and remember your story about the 7 11. love it!!!

  • lmodel2000 says:

    UGH my heart sank into my feet when I saw what they are doing with Fulton Mall!!! What the hell???!! In stereotypical California fashion, the towns/cities are (in my opinion) abusing the tax payers’ hard-earned blood, sweat and tears money….most of it spent on tearing down and demolishing and ripping everything up! Instead of using that money to assist those of varied races and backgrounds in financial distress, instead of hiring people to perhaps enhance the look and feel of Fulton Mall, and all the other amazing historical and unique aspects of downtown…..they’re throwing it away and building new stuff. Piss poor use of money, time, and energy.

  • MsSusannie says:

    Where ever I travel I love to see the architecture. I am not huge on history, but architecture history I love. Little fact you might not know about me is I was seriously considering architecture as a major in college. Took a bit of it in HS and loved it. Found out the time it would take me and kina had a kid instead. LOL

  • Nicole Novo says:

    BEAUTIFUL drive and vlog!

  • Linda crazyforyarn says:

    we have alot of old building here in Lansing but not long ago they tote down one whole section of building on our main street that leads to our capital, years ago we had cobbled streets and old street lamps and they tore up the streets and took down all the old street lamps and put new, then a few years back they put cobbled streets back and replicas of the old street lamps, so stupid lol

  • Amanda Scott-Burton says:

    Hi Cheryl, I think it’s sad when old buildings go as our towns and cities lose their individual characters. We’ve seen it in Brisbane where I live and I hate it. OMG you went to Catholic school, I had twelve years of it from Year1 on…nuns were the bain of my existence. Take care, Amanda xox

  • Brenda's World says:

    Just started this and that building is stunning!

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