Fastest Way To Weight Loss: Calories in vs Calories out

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  • Agent A says:

    Restricting calories is the only way to lose weight. Whether you do it by
    exercise or by eating less doesn’t matter, it’s still calorie restriction.
    That’s why RT4 has no weight loss testimonials. You are stupid for saying
    calorie restriction doesn’t work because it’s the only way you will lose
    weight unless you remove fat or body parts surgically. Show me one study
    that shows you can eat unlimited carbs and lose weight, just one. Show me
    one study that shows you can lose weight with a caloric surplus. You have
    no understanding of nutrition. Stop copying Freelee the breast
    implantwearing idiot for once.

  • Agent A says:

    +whyoweyou How do you know how many calories they ate? Just because you
    don’t count calories doesn’t mean you’re not restricting calories. Of
    course you’ll leave it at that, you have no arguments, no studies, nothing.

  • whyoweyou says:

    I dont think calorie restriction is healthy. I do personally know people
    who have lost weight on RT4 with no calorie restriction and little
    exercise. I enjoy eating this way and it works for me and many others. I’ll
    leave it at that.

  • Agent A says:

    +whyoweyou You should read John Mcdougalls books with a pair of glasses.
    How can you say calorie restriction doesn’t work long term? Why do you
    think losing weight on rt4 is not calorie restriction? Just because you
    don’t count calories? Do you even know what calorie restriction is? Calorie
    restriction means eating less calories then you burn. Starch solution is
    something completely different from rt4. John Mcdougal does NOT believe in
    metabolic damage and he thinks calorie restriction is the only way to lose
    weight (also long term). He recommends you to fill a quarter (or half) your
    plate with greens if you want to lose weight. Read his weight loss program,
    it’s different from his original starch solution book. Freelee and Harley
    are idiots. Almost all (99%) or their weight loss testimonials are
    negative. Search Raw till 4 weight gain. Nobody lost weight on that diet,
    only a few people who did calorie restriction by riding their bike hours a
    day. Again, where is the study that shows you can eat unlimited carbs and
    lose weight? Where is it?

  • whyoweyou says:

    +Agent A i did say calorie restriction works.. I just dont believe that it
    healthy to do that. There are RT4 and high carb, no restriction weight loss
    testimonials. Read the starch solution.

  • Yasai Kasai says:

    Awesome vijoshe!

  • Yasai Kasai says:


  • LauraJane Curtis says:

    +Naomi Hill interesting because I’ve experimented with high carb vegan
    doing 1500 calories and 3000 calories for periods of time and either way I
    stay lean and tone up brilliantly. It’s been proven the body has a complex
    system for weight loss and it’s not just about cals in and out :)

  • That Irish Vegan Girl says:

    People talk about this calorie deficit being absolutely essential but if
    you got two people and got them to live on 2500 calories a day for say, 8
    months? One of them was eating 2500 calories of fruit and the other was
    eating 2500 calories of high fat, processed foods.. do people honestly
    think that those two people would look the same at the end of those 8
    months? Even the massive weight loss companies like slimming world brand
    foods like rice, fruit and pasta as ‘syn free’ and promote that people can
    eat as much of these foods as they like and people who follow these low fat
    diets lose a lot of weight. But, obviously I believe this is within reason.
    Of course if people are cramming in ridiculous amounts of calories, e.g. up
    to 4500-5000, they’re not going to lose weight and will end up gaining
    instead, but that’s because its serious overfeeding which is un-natural and
    unless you’re a professional athlete, you don’t need that many calories.

  • No Mad says:

    +That Irish Vegan Girl There is still an energy balance in play. Factors to
    consider include base metabolic rate, which is highly dependent on the size
    and body composition of the individual, individual metabolic efficiency,
    efficiency of conversion of various energy sources. This last factor is one
    of the main reasons the starch solution works so well to lose weight or
    prevent weight gain. Plus is is low calorie density food so you get full
    quicker. There is really no argument here. What you eat matters more than
    how much unless you are eating to the point of sickness all the time and
    sitting on your butt all day.

  • whyoweyou says:

    +That Irish Vegan Girl exactly right!!!!

  • Jennifer Osenaris says:

    Loving these short vids! Some peoples videos (although excellent) are too
    long. Your vids atm are short, effective and excellent !!! I’m commenting
    again like a fan girl haha but loving the content xx

  • whyoweyou says:

    +Jennifer Osenaris Thankyou so much Jennifer!!

  • akd1008 says:

    I was a vegetarian (no meat, fish, eggs, but I did take milk occasionally)
    for 20 years. I’ve been overweight my whole life. I switched to high carb,
    low fat veganism 6 years ago. I’m still fat, and even managed to gain a
    bunch of weight as a vegan. So you can take the advice of nice little girls
    like the one in this video with a grain of salt. I’m sure she’s a really
    sweet girl, but her magic advice may or may not work for everyone.

  • Naomi Hill says:

    love you girl, but a calorie deficit is required always. that’s not
    opinion, that’s science! high carb is the way but if you over eat on this
    lifestyle you don’t magically stay slim.

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