Juice Fasting For Quick Weight Loss – My Experience

Weight Loss Video v2

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  • Ashley Jayne says:

    I think I’m gonna make some sushi now haha

  • Hope Rogers says:

    I would love a video on beginners vegan or transitioning to a vegan day
    from a SAD. love your videos

  • Jennifer Grey says:

    I’d love to know more about your vegan tattoo : )

  • Bexchallenge says:

    Video idea- did you have cravings when you were 1st going vegan? Do you
    change your diet all at once? Was it more gradual? Anything you would do
    different knowing what you now know?

  • Libby Reed says:

    I have been following the starch solution diet for close to 5 years now. I
    share my experiences with friends and fam but not with the mass audience
    that you have.

    Video Topic Idea: How has your diet affected your period regularity,
    cramping, mood, etc…

    PS I see that Brandi Mathis has similar feedback. :)

  • Shea TheUnicorn says:

    I want sushi so bad right now! Juice fasting has never appealed to me. No
    thank you I like eating to much. I had started following some of your
    suggestions in may of this year and now I get most of my calories from
    starches. I can’t believe how easy it has been to maintain weight. Once I
    put on some initial water weight I’ve been completely stable, it blows my

  • Courtney McFarland says:

    Do you ever think maybe the high carb low fat vegan lifestyle works because
    it is a lower calorie way of eating? I’ve been counting calories lately and
    the high calorie things are really just oils, cheeses, and meats. Fruit &
    carbs do have high calories but not compared to fatty foods, and veggies
    have almost no calories. And most HCLF folks exercise a lot- like every
    day, and tend not to drink alcohol (which also has a lot of calories and
    because it’s a toxin makes you store fat- I lost 3 pounds in a week just by
    skipping my single glass of wine I used to have in the evening). I’m
    thinking it might just work partly because it is clean eating and because
    it is lower calories than standard American diet. I’d be curious to see the
    calorie counts for your daily eating. Of course crash dieting doesn’t work
    at all, but a small calorie deficit will make you lose weight slowly over
    time without putting your body into “starvation mode”, I’m guessing that’s
    partly why HCLF works.

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