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  • Ricna Vue says:

    I eat a lot of pepper and onions on top of that diet….will that throw off
    my ketosis/ growth hormone?

  • Rukia Adan says:

    Thanks dr berg I’d love to hear from you bcz I want to what is good for me
    and my baby.

  • Rukia Adan says:

    Hi dr berg! can a breastfeeding mom do this?

  • Deepak Kumar says:

    Hi Dr Berg,

    Does butter coffee count as a meal?

  • conway329 says:

    what about if u r doing strength training 4 days a week.

  • DelbertStinkfester says:

    So I usually have a 24 oz coffee with heavy cream or coconut oil in the
    morning. Does this count as a meal?
    So if I’m on my 2 meals a day fast would I need to cut out the morning
    coffee?…..I’m not much of a breakfast eater. The coffee seems to carry me
    to my lunch time with no issues. I’m just wondering how it would fit in
    when I’m on a 2 meal and a 1.5 meal cycle…..I’m going to give this method
    a try and see what happens.

  • Sissy Wilkie says:

    Good morning Dr. Berg! =) I was wondering if you have heard of a sweetener
    called “Swerve?” If yes, what are your thoughts on it? It was recommended
    by a keto group. I haven’t tried stevia yet because I don’t know what type
    to get. Is there a certain brand that’s good or the way it’s processed to
    look out for? Thank you, and as always thank you for sharing your wisdom!
    =) Have a Blessed day! ♡♡♡

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