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Weight Loss Video v2

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  • Mackenzie Quinn says:

    You slay girl per usual. Have you ever tried any other cleanses or diets ?
    Just wondering (:

  • Tashou17 says:

    I love ur video. What did you do after your 7 days juicing? What kind of
    food did you eat after.

  • ItsChanice Rich says:

    Im going to try this especially since all the junk food I eat lawd

  • Brea Thomas says:

    Girl that closure is laid!!! You look so pretty

  • Sameria White says:

    you look so beautiful !im definitley going to try this it seems like it
    works really well

  • Tasha33ism says:

    Thisvideo was so helpful! I barely eat like big portions of food plus im so
    picky . this should be eaiser for me . I dont have a big appetite im going
    to try this. Thanksss

  • jalisa johnson says:

    I am so doing this !!! but um, instead of doing juice I make it more
    thicker , kind of like a smoothie , would I get the same results ??

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