Do Juice Cleanses Actually Work?

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  • Roman Espla says:

    0:45 yeah

  • MissRiss says:

    Sometimes my body does not want food. I feel hungry, but food makes me very
    sick to my stomach. When I get in these “moods” as i call them, I normally
    drink protein smoothies. I use spinach, bananas, frozen blueberries (no
    sugar added), and 2 scoops of whey protein which equals about 32 grams of
    protein. This will normally hold me over for majority of the day and then
    i’ll try to eat at dinner. Never understood why this happens. Normally
    happens when I get my period.

  • allyonightmare says:

    i’m a 23 year old at ESRD and tried juice with meals and it NEVER worked
    for me. I’ve done it for 45 days and all i got were constant diarrhea and
    pain in/near the anal area. i had to go on antidiarrheal for couple days
    just go relieve symptoms.
    However, it DID make me feel psychologically better (placebo effect maybe?)
    but i reckon that was not worth destroying my body more with ESRD.


  • Tyler Adler says:

    Never seen the documentary “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead”? You can also take a
    trip to the “Gerson Clinic” in Mexico, and speak with any one of the
    patients. They also have publicly available records of individuals who have
    made great progress there.

  • Butt Poopington says:

    Pooping is the best detox.

  • CheezeCurdler says:

    I went on a juice diet for 7 days, hardest thing I ever did. Making that
    much fresh juice all the time was exhausting. Plus you need a good juicer.
    I had headaches and dizzy spells. Would not recommend

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