Wheatgrass Juicing vs. Wheatgrass Juice Powder Pros Cons

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  • ahx wasilewskigmail.com says:

    something is wrong with your channel as i havent recieved your videos in my
    subscribtion page and i have been subscribed for a while

  • mai72 says:

    I use Amazing Grass with my smoothies. I hope this is good.

  • Donald “The Spook” Rumsfeld says:

    Good good info! I really appreciate that! Keep it up….

  • leftyla says:

    That was an Oscar-worthy performance. It’s better than Cats!

  • TangeOrheen says:

    I like Dr. Berg. Fabulous info on this channel. But Dr. Berg just slammed
    his juice! Always drink ssssslllllowwwwly, and swish juice around in mouth
    for a minute or two. A key rule: it should take longer to drink your juice
    than to manually make said juice. G’day : )

  • Dr. Avinash Dixit says:

    Could only the wheat grass juice powder be used as a source of Potassium
    and green energy, leaving a juice glass of fresh veg leaves ?

  • Betzabe Thayer says:

    was funny

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