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  • Megan says:

    I ain’t a huge fan of the kardashians but

    1: She’s had 2 kids.. of course she gained weight.. basic science lol

    2: She’s probably healthier than you, she’s a millionaire and probably
    works with top nutritionists and dieticians

  • Vanessa Conti says:

    You wish you had her body. If you stayed current she’s the thinnest she’s
    been of recent.

  • Vanessa Conti says:

    She was pregnant . Idiot

  • Lisa Reseter says:

    you are using picture of a pregnant woman (or shortly after giving birth)
    and calling her fat. Disgusting. How is that helping the vegan community?

  • Anna Burns says:

    Why keep using pictures of when she’s pregnant saying she’s fat?

  • David San says:

    kim is fat as shit. why does people not take care on its own health?
    that is why non vegan are disgusting, don’t give a fuck about all animals
    not even our home/envionment/earth, PLUS, own body and health.

    is a person a better huma who kill another human or even kids, like it
    happens in factor farms everyday world wide for get the tender meat? of
    course not. supporting unneccesary murdering is always to punish. it’s
    2016, not the middle age. not all have that excuse of a world view as from
    over 1000 years ago. so get your shit together.

  • jade friend says:

    what about kourtney she’s tiny and I think she older then Kim what is her
    diet ? and if it’s animal based how is she so slim

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