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Want to lose some weight? Try these simple weight loss strategies to transform your body in 6 weeks

Learn why much of what you have been told about weight loss is a lie and what to do about it....

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5 simple weight loss tips that will have you shedding pounds starting this week.....

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Simple weight loss system is helping 1000’s to get in shape…..


  • Laura Blem says:

    I’m trying 4 days a week to eat raw vegan, and I really like it. I am not
    ready yet to go fully raw vegan, cause I like the food here Denmark so
    much, and I don’t think that I can live a life just eating raw every day.
    Do you think that I can still loose weight by training 4 days a week, and
    eating raw 4 days a week, and still not eating very unhealthy in the

  • Humble Warrior says:

    I ❤️ alyse

  • Rous Rose says:

    Congratulations on the fact that you are spending your life according to
    your own morals and dreams! It’s a brave and rather awesome thing to do.

    Also, you really helped me with your video on binge eating. I’m not over my
    addiction, yet, but you certainly gave me a push in the right direction.
    Thank you!

  • humanbeingmarie says:

    man.. if I didn’t have to go to school.. :(

  • caroline Balemans says:

    make a video about how you became vegan please!

  • Ashland Lutz says:

    I applied I applied, I’m really really really really like hyperventilating
    I’m so excited it would be such a universal blessing!!!!!!!!

  • Allison Hamilton says:

    Are there any fitness and/or health level requirements one would need to
    meet in order to attend?

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