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  • Petar Petrovic says:

    Holla:) Have you thought about the Fat Blaze Factor (just google it)? Ive
    heard some amazing things about it and my buddy burned lots of excess fats
    with it…

  • Maria Vicuna says:

    Thank you so much for the amazing advice! 

  • momstheword11 says:

    Help someone please give me strength… I am 58 and doing laps to gain
    endurance, get my blood pressure down… okay here goes; started swimming
    June 1st or so 2015. It is now July 13 2015. I was 240 when started now
    at 238. Have gone everyday almost religiously, 6 days a week or so, and
    built up to definite mile a day. Going to 2 miles a day but definitely a
    mile a day has been happening for 25 days or so. My bp has dropped a
    little, plus I went total vegan and lost a lot of cholesterol (the bad
    kind, ldl went from 138 to 117 in 2 and 1/2 mos as vegan. That is nice.
    But the amazing results, ….. wellllllll….. kinda not there. Okay I
    sleep better, feel better, not giving up but my calorie intake is lo-fat
    1200 a day and swimming is not losing me the weight I want. I have seen a
    waist developing, must note that. Upper arms are looking tighter. Any
    comments? I do the length of the pool in one minute, 60 laps in 60
    minutes. My best time was 30 laps in 20 minutes (as soon as I looked at
    the clock my time got slower!). Our spa pool is 60 laps to a mile. One
    lap is 20.333. I also have a miserable UTI which the swimming seems to be
    helping. Thanks sorry about how long this is.

  • Kaitlyn Reyes says:

    I’ve been swimming for 10 years already, competitive swimming. I swim
    Monday-Friday, plus water polo on Fridays from 5-6:30 and in the summer
    from 4-6:30 and it’s so hard for me to loose wight plus I work out at the

  • CallDwntheSky says:

    i see a lot of discussion on the internet about the effectiveness of
    swimming for losing body fat (just ask the question in a google search). i
    am dismayed by a lot of the comments i read. it seems like those whose
    livelihood depends on the public’s desire to swim may have a lot to do with
    it. i am here to say that despite all the so-called “research” and
    “genuine testimonials” i think swimming for fat loss in general does not
    work… *especially for heavy set people*. i have been a lap swimmer for
    years. i swim often, at a handful of public pools. in my direct
    experience, heavy set people can swim lots and lots of laps over a long
    period of time and achieve precious little in the way of weight loss (or
    loss of body fat). the simple reason is that body fat allows for
    tremendous buoyancy. buoyancy in the pool makes for a very easy workout –
    and as the old saying goes – no pain no gain. if you already have a high
    percentage of body fat the only kind of swimming that will help you (and it
    won’t be the silver bullet) is sprint swimming. i am in good shape and
    freestyle sprints are all i do when i’m in the pool. i do not swim for
    distance. i also cycle, jog, hike, do calisthenics (and even a little
    freestyle soccer for fun!). swimming is one of the things i do most often
    and i’ve found that swimming sprints (in the spirit of HIIT) is the only
    thing that helps me maintain or improve my fitness when i’m in the pool. i
    have no ulterior motive for giving my opinion. so there you have it

  • CallDwntheSky says:

    +Philip Massey i’m 99% sure it’s because oxygen intake is inhibited and/or
    irregular when doing freestyle. i’ve found that can make a huge diff.
    keep up with the freestyle and you will improve your cardio-vascular

  • Philip Massey says:

    +CallDwntheSky In these types of workouts, does it matter whether you are
    swimming backstroke vs. freestyle? I can go for 45 minutes doing a
    backstroke, but with freestyle, I’m just now getting to a point where I can
    swim 50m. Then I need to rest before attempting another freestyle 25m.

  • Thomas Lickert says:

    Great I got part one now onto part two and drinking more water.

  • Shah Nawaze Pavel says:

    hey hey! Have you heard about – Sodandar Brilliant Diet System (just Google
    it)? I’ve heard some extraordinary things about it and my brother in laws
    wife got amazing sucess with it.

  • kibalily? says:

    Swimming is way more fun than diets

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