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  • gymdatbody says:

    smashed out that session. nice work. keep up the lifts!

  • Alexandra Z says:

    I completely agree with having a good workout. I have been in a slump
    lately but have been having some good workouts this past week! Definitely
    makes me want to eat better!

  • MiSh D says:

    I’ve said it before but you truly have been my inspiration through my
    journey. I started out a few months ago doing really great and then summer
    came around and gained back what I lost!!
    Thank you for continuing to share your journey!

  • Sue~tsnbjj says:

    The bottles turned out GORGEOUS!

  • detoxifyoursoul says:

    Hey Jenn, loved the recipe! So great to see you never giving up! <3 Also,
    you should check out SOL Cuisine's Portobello Mushroom Burgers. They're
    vegan and I think like 90 calories per burger. I know the company also
    makes the veggie burgers for a lot of franchises too. I usually see them in
    the frozen gluten-free/veggie stuff in my local Loblaws and Metro.

  • Joy's Journeys says:

    Thanks for the motivation.. I made my workout after watching… I felt

  • Princess Mommy says:

    Yay! WTG, girl! <3

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