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  • Anna Jay says:

    Thank you Lily! This is was so needed right now! xo

  • Ruth Adel Vegan Rawpublic says:

    Thank you so much for this video!

  • Cupcake Etiquette says:

    I’ve saved this to my favourites and I’m going to listen to it every
    morning 🙌🏼 Don’t ever change, Lily! You keep a lot of us sane in this
    insane world <3

  • BassBeLouder101 says:

    I think part of the reason rates of anxiety and depression have become so
    astronomically high is because psychology has only just recently become
    seen as a serious science (even now, it’s still viewed by many as a
    psuedo-science) and before then, being seen as mentally ill was enough to
    make one a complete social pariah, thus encouraging people NOT admit to
    these feelings (much less even having a firm enough grasp on the concept of
    it to voice it). I really think it is frankly irresponsible to throw all
    psychotropic drugs under the bus just because of the obvious abuse of Big
    Pharma. Of course the dispensing of medication for the sake of capitalism
    is morally reprehensible, but to be perfectly blunt, they work for many
    people, and you create a terrible stigma when you deny the use of them.
    This is also coming from a person who disassociates to the point of losing
    touch with reality and suffers from paranoid/suicidal manic episodes if not
    medicated. I know a vegan lifestyle has helped many find emotional peace,
    but to be quite honest, it has done nothing for me in terms of mental
    health (still feel the physical benefits, of course, and enjoy being able
    to live my life knowing that I am not contributing to horrendous
    A huge issue with discussing mental health is that “anxiety and depression”
    becomes a catch all for every single mental illness. While they can indeed
    exist as individual mental illnesses, they are often times apart of
    co-occuring disorders. You absolutely cannot imply that taking away
    medication from someone with paranoid schizophrenia is going to have the
    same effect as someone who has major depressive disorder. I appreciate what
    you’re saying, but I do urge you to be careful about stigmatizing the
    already stigmatized.
    Again, I enjoyed this video, and maybe it seems like I am getting hung up
    on such a small part of your message, but I needed to point it out.

  • littlelotti24 says:

    This entire video is me right now

  • Aelita says:

    Your videos are honestly the most comforting yet truthful thing and they
    always mark me in some kind of way. I will always be thankful for that and
    for you!

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