Doctors warn weight loss resolution can have opposite effect

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  • DancingWithEagles says:

    That’s interesting

  • Kevin Kamto says:

    Can you cite your sources on you videos?

  • dan rod says:

    why is Fox News promoting Donald Trump’s death

  • My Thoughts Matter says:

    Lose weight, but don’t lose weight in January-March! You’ll get fatter.
    “EXPERTS” are nothing but opinionated FAGGOTS!
    This whole fucking story is about NOT working out and NOT eating better
    when you SAID YOU WOULD. This is a 300 year old story. Thanks EXPERT. You
    are changing the world with your excellent studies on weight loss and New
    Years Resolutions.

    Here are the TOP 3 ways to lose weight for the next 200 BILLION YEARS.
    “Expert advice”MY FAT ASS! You will hear EVERY piece of shit ‘diet coach’
    Say this SAME SHIT.. Here you go!

    1. Eat healthy.
    2. Exercise
    3. Make something up that sounds ‘FUN” so you can make girls smile and
    seriously hook them. Drink a margarita. Play with your chihuahuahua, rip up
    that size 5 dress and get yourself a size 3 girlfriend!

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