Family Tension with Veganism and Weight Loss – Weight Loss Series – Ch. 21

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  • Vegan Adventure says:

    Did you drink smoothies daily during weight loss?

  • aparna jain says:

    I feel so lucky that most of my family is a level 1 or at least a 1.5.
    Don’t think they will ever try to slip something non vegan in my food. When
    getting married, the in laws making a big deal out of my food choices was
    my biggest concern. They were really supportive. When they stay with us,
    they happily eat vegan food with us. I just feel concerned when they are
    away and how much benefit they could get from eating vegan. I am hoping
    they will watch the documentaries with us. But really, I’m seeing more
    progress in the world than I expected. It is happening, it’s slow but we’re
    getting there! I really do believe the whole world will go vegan one day!!
    P.S.: Love all your videos!

  • Nakota says:

    Hahaha god you’re funny! I’m so glad I found you’re channel!

  • Pumpkyn says:

    Heya Lily, wanted to give you a thank you post for your whole weightloss
    series as it’s been an explainable detrimental push for me to go vegan in
    the first place. I’ve lost 21 lbs in my first month of being vegan working
    out 4-5 times a week on 2000+ calories a day. I’m of course HCLF and loving
    it, I had no idea my body could ever feel this great. And why I’m
    commenting on this video in particular is because my family is so against
    me being vegan and you hit so many good points in this video. So thanks for
    all that you do girl! And have a lovely day.

  • BirdsOfParadise says:

    My mum does not allow me out to exercise (she’s a level 3 btw). The only
    time I am allowed out is to get back and forth from school. I try to
    exercise at the school gym during my lunch break but the summer holidays
    are coming soon and I don’t know what I’ll do then. She also keeps buying
    loads of protein and gets really angry and breaks my stuff when I don’t eat
    it. She’s really getting in the way of me getting any results. She
    constantly makes fun of me by calling me fat… But she doesn’t let me
    exercise.. I don’t understand her. I’m not old enough to leave home yet so
    any advice for the time being would be really appreciated :(

  • sarah dunning says:

    ME ME!! LEVEL TWO FAMILY IS LITERALLY MY LIFE! thank you for finally saying
    this. spot on

  • Kathia Arias says:

    My dad is level 3 and my mom is a mix of level 2 and 1. I leave to college
    in three months and I have considered just not coming back but, I love my
    mother, any advice? My mother would never leave him or allow me to just
    visit if he isn’t home.. I hate how he makes me feel but I have four
    siblings to see and my mother. I just need help

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