Learning Self-Love (Sans Bullshit) – Weight Loss Series – Chapter


Weight Loss Video v2

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  • Elena Lonskaya says:

    How is self-love compatible with being anti-bullshit? I need a logical
    reason to change my worldview and most self loving people are all about
    emotion. Can you give a good argument for it?

  • popiejopie says:

    I really appreciate your channel. Thank you.

  • Aldona Wawrzynek says:

    I don’t read a lot in this topic. I prefer to watch real people like you,
    telling their stories. Your channel is very helpful, thank you for your
    work. I also like to watch videos made by JP Sears, and School of Life,
    sometimes I find something interesting on TED. I admire your attitude and
    wisdom, though I’m not fully vegan. But I’m constantly working on improving
    my lifestyle ;)

  • Deepti Menon says:

    your videos are so insightful and inspiring..Thankyou so much…i am trying
    to follow ur diet tips..my question is do u plan every meal in advance and
    shop for the ingredients? we can buy lentils and legumes in advance and
    store them..but what about fruit veggies? do u shop weekly? am trying to
    put a system in place so that i can cook ..shop for groceries
    systematically….sometimes i end up buying veggies that get rotten by the
    time i want to eat them…Please give us some practical tips on how to plan
    our meals .

  • Allison Maxwell says:

    This is so fucking real. I needed this video. Thank you Lily.

  • Megan Olivier says:

    I had a really good experience with this product. Main reason I bought
    these Weight Loss Idealiss pills were because I heard they make you feel
    energized and that’s exactly what happened with me. I woke up feeling great
    and on top of that I even lost pounds. Of course I had to drink more water
    than I normally would as well. I will most likely continue using this pill.

  • Wendy Mudjumper Hughes says:

    Lily, I love you lol. You get it spot on x

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