Should You Throw Away the Scale? – Weight Loss Series – Extra

Weight Loss Video v2

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  • Jas Lip says:

    You look so beautiful Lily! And thankyou for this video xx

  • Another Annoying Vegan says:

    so true, throwing away the scale is like modern medicine often treating
    symptoms instead of the root disease.. well said! <3

  • Kayla Giselle says:

    For the first time this week, I weighed myself and saw that I had gained
    yet another pound. After watching and listening to so many high carb
    vegans… I was actually happy. Seeing that number go up means that my body
    is working to heal itself and I’m giving it enough food to actually do it.

  • Em Perrin says:

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou Lily. You have no idea how much change you’ve
    created in my life/constant cycle of eating disorders. Please keep it up!

  • Amanda R says:

    I got rid of my scale for a year but then my mind started playing tricks on
    me when looking in the mirror so buying a scale again actually helped me. I
    could’ve sworn my weight was jumping up and down 5-10 lbs every few days
    but it’s actually been really stable.

  • TheLoneRabbit says:

    When I was in high school i was obsessed with the scale in my mothers
    bathroom, it was bad. I’m 39 now and have never owned a scale. I only know
    my weight after going to the doctor once a year. I find it better for me to
    notice weight change over a long period of time . If i had a scale, I would
    become obsessive and sad. THanks for all your videos I have pcod, and
    thyroid issues, your information is helping me a lot.

  • stephanie santos says:

    you’re so great i just love the way you deliver your message. so
    inspirational and uplifting.

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