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  • bladerunner rose says:

    I agree with you both….if one of the doctors say carbs make you fat, you
    should say, “if carbs made you far, I would be obese” lol! Good luck, they
    better be respectful to you both, love you guys!! Good luck!!

  • schniamhy says:

    That is awesome! You guys should totally personally email Dr. Greger or Dr.
    Campbell and ask them to go on the show with you!!! That would be so cool!
    That way the doctors couldn’t talk down to you at all. I know they said
    they wouldn’t do that but I’d just be super paranoid about it after seeing
    so many of their other videos where they did that to people.

    Plus then the doctors would get exposed to Dr. McDougall from spud fit and
    another plant based doctor that they would have to respect and it might
    change their minds a lot more.

  • Michi D says:

    I would question WHY they are being so persistent….hhmm they did treat
    Ryan and Angi so shitty

  • Bobbie says:

    If you go on the show you should get blood tests done and bring the results
    in just so they don’t try to say your diet is deficient on something lol

  • Emily Myers says:

    I used to be on a low-carb diet… its MISERABLE. eat high-carb plant
    foods. go Vegan. Feel Good. ✌🏻️

  • jack wren says:

    My wife appeared on the Dr’s show. While the production team and the Dr she
    saw were really great (the dermatologist she saw still helps her now) the
    show was heavily edited to show a different narrative to what we were led
    to believe was going to be shown.

  • Finding Fay says:

    That sounds exciting! Do you think you’ll be able to throw some sneaky
    ethics into the show whilst you’re in it too or no?

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