Transitioning to a Vegan Diet (Whole Food, High Carb) – Weight Loss Series – Chapter 2 [Graphic]

Weight Loss Video v2

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  • Chass Gruenwald says:

    +UaMauHawaii, I meant genachological disorder!

  • Chass Gruenwald says:

    +UaMauHawaii, hahaha you Crack my shit up!When you said “Vagen”,some people
    think it’s a venereal disease!!!

  • Lianna Vitello says:

    The images and statements at the end of the video is infuriating. How can a
    person or anyone do this to another being. It is an absolute embarrassment
    to humankind. #notinmyname #plantforlife

  • Laura Haley says:

    I don’t think I can let go of meat and fish completely. Milk prouducts is
    easy… they give me stomach aches. But I think it’s ok to eat mainly
    vegan, but on special occasions like christmas or thanks giving have a
    turky dinner. With a turky from a local farm, where you know the animal
    didn’t have to suffer it’s whole little miserable life through.

  • Hili Log says:

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    just exercise alone. If you’re working out to lose weight, you should give
    this Weight loss green store tea product a try*

  • Fatima Farmer says:

    Love your videos! 😂

  • Hannie O'Connor says:

    hey on rte player there is a new series called “What are you eating?”
    thought you might like that xxx

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