Trisha Paytas Vegan? + My FAST Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Video v2

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  • Eelke Aptroot says:

    I hope she saw this, sounds like solid advice Lily.

  • VikSil says:

    I advised Trish to binge watch your channel before I even saw you’ve made
    this vid. 😉

  • Sandra Larney-Marcus says:

    If she wants to cut out the salt intake but still wants flavour added to
    her food, I’d recommend the seasoning mrs dash

  • spongebobhomerpants says:

    You have really really great tits.

  • op am says:

    I never use table salt, only spices and my food is far from being bland. I
    cut salt and oil out of my diet overnight with no problems but am still
    cutting down on refined sugar. If you need to, cut down slowly, I didn’t
    find it difficult though.

  • Vlada Kuragin says:

    You remind me of Piper from orange is the new black 😁

  • Kelci Bryant says:

    Weight Loss Green Store Tea is an excellent appetite suppressant that has
    no side effects. My cravings throughout the day have diminished and a lot
    less hungry with the added bonus of losing some weight.

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