Weight Loss, Health, Random Stuff QA – Part 2

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  • Eman says:

    can you make a video about hairloss during the first months of being vegan
    and what to do to prevent future hairloss?

  • Tattoo witch (tattoowitch) says:

    dogs and cats go into heat and bleed?

    On the period subject I have had anorexia and bulimia for 24 years since I
    was 12. Between the ages of 14-18 I had no period, my mom thought I was
    pregnant and when no baby came cause I was still a virgin she swore I was
    on drugs after numerous doctor visits they put me on birth control and my
    period came back my point is I had no period with no problems I didn’t get
    problems until I took birth control… I have been in ED treatment for over
    10 years had a heart attack at the age of 33 while in treatment and I have
    a plethora of other chronic health issues. I went vegan over a year ago my
    doctors think it is an other form of my disorder but I haven’t felt
    healthier in years it’s an ongoing battle but hopefully it won’t beat me.

    just a question my doctor now says my thyroid is enlarged and I am
    currently going threw tests to see why I eat alot of tofu and kale I know
    you said it shouldn’t have an effect on thyroid function. what are your
    thoughts on why my thyroid is enlarged

    thank you

  • ecopedagogy says:

    regarding the question about sleep and hormones; when you hit puberty, a
    couple of hormones kick in that makes you become a night animal. don’t
    remember the purpose of this process, but I sure have seen it happening
    with most young people around me. so – if the person who feels best
    sleeping from 3 am is a young person, it seems s/he’s right on point

  • Oopsie says:

    Hey, I was wondering what you thought of taking birth control/hormone pills
    to correct whacked out levels of hormone in the first place? I ask because
    ever since I got my period, I’d bleed VERY heavily for two weeks out of
    four and feel awful. I was told by my doctor it was to do with my hormone
    levels, and BC would help even them out. Few years later I found a pill
    which quits my period completely besides odd spotting every 1.5-2 months or
    so and honestly I’ve never felt so fantastic (doctor said I shouldve stuck
    with one that still gave me a full period once a month but I felt awful on
    that too).. I did stop taking it for a while actually after I went veg but
    the perma-mega-period and feeling awful came back, and when it didn’t go
    away for months I went back on the pill. Stick with the pill or give it
    another go off and try something else? FTR I don’t ever want kids, which is
    good because doctor reckons I cant have them either (not that I trust that
    completely! 😉 )

  • Elizabeth Dicken says:

    *watches this at 3 am*

  • THENOTUncle Phil says:

    I want a tat on my leg but what part about tattoos are non vegan? The ink
    or the aftercare?

  • chubecca8 says:

    Thank you for answering my question about sleep! I can also relate to your
    acne/make-up experience. I had horrible acne in high school and I would
    plaster my face with make up. Since giving up dairy my face has cleared
    right up and I very rarely wear make-up =)

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