Weight Loss Series QA – Part 1

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  • Maddy says:

    Hi!!! IDK what to do? My acne has gotten way worse as a vegan. I have being
    vegan a little over a year and mainly high carb. I am asking because you
    mentioned you add turmeric to your smoothies because it helps your skin. Do
    you have any other tips for healing or reducing acne?/why it may be

  • evilyn l says:

    Really great video, Lily. I believe self-love and care is imperative to not
    just weight loss but overall happiness. Thank you for taking the time to
    create such helpful content. <3 Evelyn

  • Madeline Winzar says:

    Thank you so much for replying to my question! This means so much to be, as
    your videos are a constant uplifting message in an otherwise contradicting
    world. Looking forward to the part 2 video!

  • Govind108 says:

    What about if I am getting hungry only after one and half day or 2 days
    after meals., Should I eat only then ?

  • Lelanie De Wet says:

    Hey there famous vegan person.. kidding, I pay attention. Lily 😉 I`m a
    lil bit of retard when it comes to the internet so if I knew you were gonna
    have a Q&A I would`ve bombarded you with questions a week ago. Also as the
    video was going a bunch popped into my head and uhm.. they were good. I
    know this because I`m a good question asker, but haha I forgot. I`ll annoy
    you with them later though haha. All I would like to know now is: You say
    you don`t recommend a 100% raw diet, so I realised I basically just started
    eating cooked meals majority of the time. Especially because it is winter
    here now. Dem fruit freeze my teeth. So what is the raw food/ cooked food
    ratio you recommend on an average day? And also any winter food
    alternatives you? (You can totally slap me over the fingers if there`s a
    video on this that I missed) And thanks for your wonderful contribution to
    my education. xx

  • 14thShadow MUFC says:

    Very helpful!

  • Susan Kathleen says:

    Hi Lily, you responded to one of my comments before and I value your videos
    and advice. I have extreme Bipolar and am on a med that actually controlled
    my mood for the first time in 4 years (I don’t want to kill myself because
    of my mental state anymore basically). This med with an increase completely
    got rid of my appetite. Many other people have had this issue with the
    medication as well. I was HCLF vegan for 2 months before this increase and
    for two weeks I couldn’t stomach anything at all. I am finally eating more
    but can only eat white bread toast, enriched pasta, white rice, maybe a
    sandwich and vegan/not vegan junk. I choke down smoothies to get the
    calories in but I am still failing. I can’t follow my past HCLF lifestyle
    anymore because I can only eat three bites of veggies before I can’t do it
    anymore, I literally can not bring myself to chew and eat those foods
    anymore. Everything tastes like dirt. It’s been about a month now and I am
    afraid I killed my metabolism. I have lost 2 pounds in the first week where
    I didn’t eat much and I’m afraid to see how much weight I’ve lost by now, I
    am obese but this isn’t a good way to lose weight but I can’t help it. I
    never feel hungry, I never feel full, and I won’t stop this medication as I
    am mentally sane for the first time in years. My blood sugar crashes
    constantly and I am weak a majority of the time as well as shaky. I’m
    getting kind of desperate at this point. Is loading up on the toast and
    pasta okay for now until I can somehow get my appetite back? I’m talking
    about a majority of my 2100 calories since it’s all I can seem to eat. I
    feel like the huge smoothies I’m forcing 1-2 times a day to take the place
    of the veggies I used to eat. Thank you if you respond <3

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