WEIGHT LOSS VLOG ~ Doctor’s Appointment + Home Workout

Weight Loss Video v2

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  • Jennifer Rebeccable says:

    Freshii is always good. You can control the dressings and I also like to
    double up on tofu.
    Love your channel, btw. My husband hates needles so fear not. You are not

  • simplemom16 says:

    hey doll.. go some were else.. its the technician.. trust me.. keep going..
    you got this..

  • Raegzz55 says:

    OMG girl I know exactly how you feel my veins flatten every time they try
    to take my blood and I freak out literally 18 years old and I still blubber
    like a baby every time it freaking hurts!

  • Gabby Rios says:

    Love your blog! ❤️ You are truly inspiring and I look forward to your insta
    posts as well as your videos. When I’m I out or forget to pack lunch for
    work, I usually order jimmy Johns (don’t know if you have one) I order the
    lettuce wrap! Which is soooo good!!

  • JellyBellyNoMore says:

    what did the doctor say about your big weight loss? was she proud?

  • veronika enos says:

    you handled it well! cause if the nurse got frustrated with ME!! all hell
    woulda broke loose! she woulda been crying! haha! and usually i grab a
    piece of fruit on the way out n hold on to it til i get hungry. i try not
    to eat out cuz ill b so hungry n grab somethin unhealthy! ugh..

  • Jho TV says:

    Have you tried yoga for workouts? Those are great especially for home :-)

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