5 MONTHS HIGHER FAT: weight loss? hair growth? BODY UPDATE after quitting HCLF GIVEAWAY WINNER

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  • Vegan Cyborg says:

    the problem is not weight gain, the problem is your arteries…

  • Rosie Wright says:

    If you could do a longer one on how you regained your period that would be
    so helpful! love your videos x

  • Darren & Georgie | VeganFitness.com says:

    Hi Judy!

    I really enjoyed watching your video & hearing about your story.

    I can totally relate to what you were saying about eating HCLF and always
    feeling hungry etc.

    It feels really good to listen to your own body now doesn’t it?
    Both Darren & I have increased our fat and protein intake over the last 6
    months or so too and have had amazing results and we both look & feel
    better as a result – no fat gain and better energy levels.

    I love to hear that you are weightlifting too!! Since I’ve stopped running
    my body has changed so much and I feel hormonally in balance now. I’ve lost
    almost all the body fat I gained from too much cardio and fruit AND my
    periods are normal now – before they were so light that they only lasted a

    I’m going to publish a post tomorrow that you may like to read, revealing
    my experience with running and how all the excessive cardio made me gain
    fat. I hope that it can inspire other women who are having the same problem
    with cardio, but who may feel too scared or overwhelmed to stop doing so

    I have to say that you are an inspiration and it’s so refreshing to watch
    somebody speak so honestly and sensibly!

    Georgie ☺💚

  • hhh says:

    i have been losing so much hair recently 🙁 i started iron and b12
    supplements but i am still losing a lot daily

  • HannaS61 says:

    YAAAAAS TO A PERIOD VIDEOOOOO!!!!!! and you’re awesome,I love watching your
    talking vids:D

  • Mina Tial says:

    yesssss vid about period please🙈

  • penguinsarecool says:

    Hi Judy! Have you cut out all forms of exercise or just cardio? Would you
    still consider doing yoga? love the vid, super helpful x

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