Are There Foods With Negative Calories?

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  • Josefine´s Raw Kitchen says:

    Interesting to hear about the “celery myth”, I´ve been wondering about

  • Nikolay Nikolov says:


  • D & G | says:

    Another great video Dr Greger! I would really love to know what effect
    coffee has on the microbiome if there is information available on it? I
    know you have lots of positive pieces regarding caffeine and coffee on your
    website, but has it been looked into how it affects the gut bacteria due to
    the acidity etc? Thanks! -Darren.

  • Bea Weston says:

    What an interesting subject!

  • dugfriendly says:

    I think there’s a New Year’s resolution in there, somewhere!

  • Lee Hinton says:

    It must have taken 15 celery heads worth of energy to make this video….

  • This09Guy says:

    I usually buy Diet Water. -45 calories per serving. It’s also gluten free.

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