Eating healthy working out but STILL not losing weight?

Weight Loss Video v2

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  • thetinymaria says:

    This explains so much, DANG IT! I’ve been stressing over a research paper I
    have to do and I’ve been working out double time and eating clean but
    lately I’ve been craving dark chocolate covered coffee beans (sooooooo good
    seriously). Usually I have good self-control but lately I’ve been reaching
    for them and I’m starting to feel it. Ugh, I need to do better. Thanks for
    the info Cassey!

  • Chardae Jones says:

    Thank you so much for posting this video. I was thinking about this the
    other day.

  • YABookNook says:

    I’m here watching this video instead of sleeping lol I guess it’s time to
    go to bed!

    What yoga channels do you recommend if we’re into your, Cassey (or anyone)?

  • Vanessa Hernandez says:

    can u please do a lot of meal prep ideas please!!!!

  • Christine Tu says:

    I just started working out with my friend and I have a huge question, how
    do you know you are “fat”?, a lot of ppl tell me I’m skinny and I don’t
    think so

  • tania flows says:

    you’re the best Cassey :)

  • natdomo says:

    My weight is gaining since work out but my size clothing is getting smaller

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