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  • Mary Janina says:

    I completely agree with Steph here – your weight shouldn’t define you or be
    the sole source of your happiness BUT I feel like the reason Steph and
    other vegan female youtubers like Claire Michelle and Bonnyrebecca always
    get asked questions about weight loss is because they are all very
    slim/lean and portraying how happy they are. Their lives look so action
    packed and fun and, incidentally, none of them are overweight. So to an
    outside viewer who is overweight and unhappy, it looks like the two go hand
    and hand. By no means is Steph in the wrong here but I feel like it is a
    lot easier to say that “being skinny doesn’t matter” when you are already
    thin and fit. It’s a lot easier to have confidence and be happy and go out
    and live life to the fullest when you already fit society’s standard of
    beauty and you don’t have to worried about being judged for the way your
    body is shaped.

  • Sonia Elsie says:

    I love you

  • jamie danielle says:

    great video steph, i really respect your honesty. #happiness 💖

  • Agusta Wind says:

    Check out the Instant Pot! It cooks rice in 4 minutes on manual mode and 12
    on rice mode.

  • Morgan says:

    what you said is so so true! i stopped focusing on leaning out/toning and
    focused more on self love and nourishing my body with whole foods (but not
    restricting) and the results have come!

  • Afia Amoako says:

    where are you going next from vancouver?

  • Laurel Hernandez says:

    I love your videos like this about loving ourselves. You really have been
    an inspiration to me on how to view life. It’s changed my life. Love you
    Steph!! Side note, where is your shirt from? ❤️❤️❤️

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