How Many CALORIES Do I Eat + My Macros Exercise For WEIGHT LOSS Day 29

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  • Nesss E says:

    Any tips for preventing saggy skin when you lose weight?

  • TitusLivy777 says:

    Yeah, a weekly indepth vid would be great. Thanks!

  • Latonia Bible says:

    Now I will be purchasing that new book

  • TitusLivy777 says:

    So some of us have a history of smashing in food, and in the past I’ve
    maintained my 150 lb weight loss by carefully monitoring and limiting my
    caloric intake. Now I’m trying to switch to an “unlimited calories”
    approach, and it’s kinda scary. In the past I believe you’ve said the key
    is to eat to satiety, but my relationship with food was so messed up for so
    long that I’m not really sure I can tell whether I’m genuinely hungry or
    not. Maybe you can relate. Sooo…any tips about the best way to recognize
    true hunger, satiety, etc. Or in a case like mine (which is probably not so
    rare these days) is there some value to having an upper limit on daily
    calories? Thanks!

  • TitusLivy777 says:

    I’m so impressed by how much better you guys are together than you even
    were alone. It’s like you’ve invented some new “relationship math” in which
    1+1=27,451.24. There’s something oddly inspiring about this…maybe because
    it teaches us that relationships (of all kinds) can be really, really good
    things. Rock on, wild ones!

  • TitusLivy777 says:

    A super helpful, super interesting video! Thanks!

  • TitusLivy777 says:

    Yes, actually, I am lazy as fuck (and, well, I’m a guy, too), so PLEASE
    hurry up with the Instant Pot cookbook!

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