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  • JenasisDivine says:

    Wow! This is arriving at pretty much the right time!! Ive been feeling
    pretty awful about myself lately too. My husband and I were on a diet and
    then…..we went on vacation. Yea. Vacation ruins everything. Lol but
    before I watched this tonight I decided to get back on the diet, which I
    was enjoying and feeling better on previously. Sugar is the killer for me
    too, but it has to be eliminated or at least reduced drastically. We
    substitute sweet potatoes for white potatoes, whole wheat bread for white
    and since Greek yogurt tastes pretty much like straight up sour cream (to
    us at least) we use that as a sub when needed or wanted. I’ll share ideas
    as I remember or run across them. Oh one thing…Pinterest is my friend
    when it comes to finding healthier, new recipes. Good luck! You’re already
    doing great!

  • jackie lippin says:

    water water water!! you should drink half ur body weight in ounces in water
    daily. (like if u weigh 150 u should drink at least 75 oz daily)

  • Murry Moon says:

    Start buying bananas and freeze them. Always have frozen bananas on hand. I
    do and its just so great! Since you have a sweet tooth you can blend them
    up with cocoa and a non-dairy milk (make it really thick) at the end of the
    night and get your sweet craving taken care of. It’s so delicious, tastes
    just like icecream. And then your regular the next day cuz you just ate
    like 4 bananas in one sitting hahaha.

  • sarahbellum11 says:

    Good for you for sharing all of this!! Can relate to a lot of what you
    said. I find when I’m honest about where I’m at and whatever struggles I
    may be having with Life Stuff I am always pleasantly surprised and feel
    loved by the support I receive (that I didn’t realize was there)! Self care
    is sooooo important. Sending you encouragement!!

  • MekanicalToy says:

    “Sparkling Ice” brand of flavored water. This stuff has helped me cut out
    soda completely. Black Raspberry, Cherry Limeade, Lemonade, Peach
    Nectarine, and Pink Grapefruit are all my favorites. I’ve tried a variety
    of carbonated waters (disliked them) and this stuff just demolishes
    everything else. Zero Calories, carbonation, and lots of flavor. I wish
    there was a gym near me =.= I live in no where and unless I’m at a gym I
    just can’t be bothered…I’m like well I could do squats or get on the

  • theredderthebetter1 says:

    I find the YouTube channel “cleananddelicious” to be very helpful in
    getting great recipes. She has a website where you can print them off, too.

  • lovelyrita64 says:

    This is great! Im also doing something similar in my life. Keep up the
    awesome work you can do it!

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