Should you eat BREAD? | Weight loss | Healthy?

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  • Blissed Out Yogi says:

    how about wheat pasta? Would it be in the same category as bread in regards
    to weight loss and elimination?

  • optizap says:

    Like to use hummus instead of Vegan Margarine on bread, thinks thats the
    healthier option. Yummy yummy baked beans on toast in my tummy. Still do 2
    a day elimination because I do dried prunes.
    Bit off topic but lately been getting into figs, going to try them in a
    smoothie instead of dates for a change. There really excellent in a Banana
    and pumpkin seed fat free flapjack.

  • Tracy Howard says:

    Hi, Im newly vegan and bread is my major source of food. I love it because
    it makes me feel full and satisfied. I cant sleep at night if If my stomach
    isnt full. I dip it in olive oil (yes, I know!!!!) or salsa. This has
    replaced butter and mayo that I used to eat. I count my calories so i dont
    get fat. This vegan diet really works for me.

  • Kirsten M. says:

    same thing happens to me when I eat bread too. My bowel movements slow
    down, I feel bloated and heavy too

  • didine256 says:

    Hi guys, do you have a new tattoo on your forearm ? What does it means ?

  • Natasha Paletta says:

    I’m part Italian and Argentinian and they are big on meat, cheese, bread,
    pasta and wine… I am vegan so I don’t have meat and cheese, but bread
    will always have a special place in my heart ahahhaha I find that working
    out 2-3x a week maybe balances out the weight gain effect because I never
    see any negative side effects. My partner is a new vegan and he got me
    addicted to vegan grilled cheese lol but my personal fav is a little
    avocado with chili pepper flakes on toast 🙂 and of course pizza, burgers,
    etc that are vegan 😛

  • Amy Louise Stuart says:

    thanks guys this was very helpful. Never really knew where to stand with
    bread. Have to admit I am eating more avocado on toast as I’m a newbie to
    the Vegan Life! 🙂 (has been 4 months now.. i know still not very long, but
    theres no way i’m going back)

    I had been considering becoming vegan for the past 2 years, but I never
    properly educated myself about what I was eating or looked into how amazing
    veganism is! I’m kicking myself so bad that I didn’t do it sooner.
    I watched Earthlings the other day like you suggested to that girl
    youtuber.. whoever it was. not gonna lie i was in tears for the whole
    thing, that alone is enough to put me off for life and makes me so upset
    and angry that everyone i just ignoring it!!!
    I’m not the best explainer in the world so its hard to constantly explain
    the decision i’ve made, And i find it especially hard with my job I work
    with different people all the time so I have to explain it every work trip.
    (I’m a flight attendant from the UK, and rarely work with the same people)
    Have you got any advice on the best way to discuss it with people? and some
    facts which support that Im not the weird one!? to perhaps make them think
    and encourage them to look into it more themselves, cause I wish someone
    had educated me sooner, or just hinted me towards looking into it myself.

    Thanks! 🙂 xx

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