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  • Joanna Kowalska says:

    do you think that if u had pasta everyday you would gain weight? after
    wheat u would get a bloated belly but would u actually gain weight? cheers

  • Candace Roberts says:

    I love love love the Heartland Corn & rice pasta! :-)

  • Ⓥ francisca Ⓥ says:

    you two are so great <3 such lovelies xo

  • She loves fruits says:

    I have a question. For example I’m totally fine with whole grain pasta, but
    somehow when I eat baked potaoe wedges, they lay like a brick in my stomach
    and I don’t feel good. I just wash the potatoes, cut them in wedges and
    steam them first, then put them in the oven… I have no idea why I don’t
    feel comfortable with them. Has anybody else this problem or knows what the
    reason might be for this?

  • Fuesun Ha says:

    I love Pasta and Pizza but I don’t eat so often of these. I eat more rice
    dishes because it is more simple to make them. I like your Videos because
    they are very entertaining. Thanks a lot!

  • oceanz4 says:

    My thought on pasta. Pasta is Life. :)

  • underthemermaidmoon says:

    I love brown rice pasta. I also have black bean spaghetti which is good! I
    don’t eat it often but it is great when I do! I am in the process of losing
    weight so don’t eat it as much as I would like but I eat it so wonderful!
    Use cauliflower Alfredo sauce for a delicious sauce!

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