Top 5 Super Foods for weight loss Collab w Anthony Deluca | The Edgy veg

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  • tamcon72 says:

    This was really down-to-earth, and I know lots of people will appreciate
    the BS-free nature of these recommendations. I say this as someone that
    still has spirulina, maca, raw carob powder, etc. in the back of the pantry
    from my gourmet raw days. All done with the goji berries, thank goodness! :
    ) Thanks for posting : )

  • Brandi Hornsby says:

    the quinoa and hemp heart shots should be switched

  • Goff Ze Goff says:

    Chia seeds are awesome. If ya soak them in milk to make them swell into
    jelly and mix a tablespoon or two into porridge it is so filling!

  • Sandra Cantu says:

    Please do a video on what to do is your family or significant other are
    against your lifestyle

  • sinead says:

    love this !! too bad its almost impossible to get hemp seeds in
    australia… they are banned by the government bc they are distantly
    related to weed or something. ridiculous !!

  • Really? says:

    Hmmm you got me thinking about trying hemp hearts sooner than later!

  • Halley DeVestern says:

    I’ve never heard of hemp hearts before. Is that a common Canadian food?

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