Vegan Weight Loss: Before After Videos

Weight Loss Video v2

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  • Vegan Rockclimbing says:

    Yess stick to the greyhound style that’s how it’s supposed to be :)

  • TheJuicy Fig says:

    Can I share your video on my blog? Loving it btw :)

  • JustinTime2BeVegan says:

    They should of showed this on the doctors.i don’t think they did…awesome

  • Frances Tiziano says:

    Yes there was a time when I was eating eggs and other than that a healthy
    plant based diet, no meat or dairy..and during this time, my face was
    strangely puffy, almost sickly looking. When I stopped eating eggs too, as
    well as grains, my face transformed into a different face almost. Slim,
    looked so much better. But since I quit grains at the same time, I don’t
    know if that matters at all..what do you think?

  • Reborn Forman says:

    I gained weight, but that’s cause I was still getting over my ED, so it was
    necessary 🙂 Odly enough, I got my weight on but I feel amazing in my skin
    (which is like the biggest fear when you start gaining weight!) GO VEGAN

  • Free_Animals! says:

    Yo Ryan! Can you do killa crossovers dat can break dem calcium deficient
    cankles?? lol

  • Gabriella Zalar says:

    I still haven’t reached a full year of being vegan, but I have noticed a
    huge difference in my face, yeah I have lost a few pounds in the last year
    but only in the last month or so did I start eliminating fat. But even
    while eating a higher fat vegan diet I was still slimming down especially
    in my face.

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