Vigilant Christian Workouts (Weight Loss, Strength Training, Motivation more)

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  • fuckyou says:

    Mario is puny

  • the guardian watcher says:

    How can you handle lying to million

  • the guardian watcher says:

    The Vigilant Christian proved you are a true Christian now show me because
    you seem false to me boy

  • Jacob Thompson says:

    no one wants to watch you flex your sweaty ugly fucking body you Canadian
    fucktard! p.s. god is not real douche bag

  • Tyrone Lebrick says:

    My dancer Girlfriend says awesome kicks! thank you and keep up the good
    work man!

  • Juan Quijada says:

    That moment when you see that intro wile holding a bag of cheatos , or
    however you spell

  • Mike Conrad says:

    You have been an encouragement to me Mario. I realize that you are a young
    believer and have much to learn but you are working with what you are
    given. Remain faithful in that and He will entrust you with more. You have
    come from a background of darkness and are making progress. I do not agree
    with you on everything but temper that with your youth. Stay in Gods word
    (King James Version-and don’t discount that as a foolish argument like I
    did for years without looking at the arguments that those who support the
    Majority Text present) and hide it in your heart so that you might not sin
    against Him.

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