5 Things They NEVER Told You About Coconut Oil – Saturday Strategy

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  • BeautybyBecca says:

    Natural good quality oils are readily accepted by the skin and don’t cause
    breakouts and pimples. I don’t know why people choose to get so upset when
    this info is shared. Natural oils like olive oil for example are actually
    very inti bacterial. I’m a esthetician and my husband is a nurse and he
    also worked as a microbiologist in a lab that tested oils So I trust his
    opinion that they are very good for your skin.

  • BeautybyBecca says:

    This was such a good video . Thanks so much for the tips. I do use coconut
    oil for cooking and moisturizing but have not gotten consistent with oil
    pulling .i think I will give this another try. Thanks for the info.

  • Xavier BenJamin says:

    Some of this advice is horrible look at nutrition facts. org and Swish it
    with tumeric in your mouth did ayall even think about what that would do to
    your mouth tumeric stains so easily:D

  • scap11 says:

    Did coconut oil make that damn hot? Daaaayum

  • elephant says:

    I heard it can be used as a lube for massages and sex.

  • Brian Gianoutsos says:

    Quality decline from Fitlife…

  • Life Content says:

    Awesome tips thanks.

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