Shredded No Oil Hashbrowns

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  • fluffysuds says:

    These look good! My hubby will mix a little flour with the potatoes and
    make patties and bake them also.

  • fluffysuds says:

    Love Kemo :)

  • Aussie Vegan Gardening Yogi says:

    omg that cat is so cute up on that beach sniffing your food :-)

  • Jordan Nicole says:

    this is of subject but I noticed your cat was on the counter. we just
    adopted a cat and it likes to be on the counter as well. I don’t mind at
    all because we keep our counters clean but he walked across the stove while
    it was hot the other day and now I’ve been worried so we have been keeping
    him off. have you ever ran into that issue? any suggestions?
    also thanks for this video. hash browns are one my husband and I struggle
    to get right without oil lol so I can use all the videos I can find!

  • pdude1911 says:

    Nice! That’s barely enough for one person in that package though. Tofu
    scamble recipe? :-)

  • SeventiesGirl says:

    All the frozen shredded potatoes here in Australia are laden with oil! I’ll
    just have to keep on grating. It’s good arm exercise anyway I reckon.

  • tamcon72 says:

    I like how Kemo comes in at the start, as if to supervise! No oil
    commercial hashbrowns are tough to find hereabouts, so I’ll have to make me
    own. Thanks for posting : )

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