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  • april hassell says:

    Cook with water and veg. Stock

  • Bill Martinez says:

    Hi Thomas could you do a video on prostate inflammation lots of different
    ferries from too much estrogen or lack of nutrients your opinion please

  • dubson965 says:

    Great video, as always! Why isn’t olive oil “easily assimilated by the
    body”? What about the other benefits of Olive Oil, and it’s prevalence and
    high praise in the mediterranean diet?

  • John Beaver says:

    Awesome thank you!

  • Sophie B. says:

    Too bad all those choises are the most expensive ones out there ! I am
    pretty sure most people still use colza oil, olive oil or sometime walnut
    oil because they can’t affort a 19€/litre bottle of macadamia oil (lower
    price found on amazon).
    I wish you would have talk about more common and accessible oil choises
    Great video though. Very informative as always

  • mila vie says:

    j aime que les videos soient en francais merci

  • pablo9364 says:

    Excellent. Very knowledgeable and interesting

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