Americans Head to Mexico for Weight-Loss ‘Balloon Pill’

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  • Shin Pleil says:

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  • mrSuperfree says:

    if i have to commit not eat more than a small plate of food a day and do a
    workout, so what is putting the balloon in my stomach for ?! i will lose
    weight without it !

  • MrsG87 says:

    It’s here in the USA now, but it isn’t a “pill” anymore. They use a scope.
    This looks much easier than the scope plus the balloon riding down lol.

  • Lady Me says:

    Where is the rest of the Video . I am so exited to see the results

  • thomas morcany says:

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  • maciej wrotek says:

    and trump wants to block mexicans 🙂 LOL america is hell…i think his idea
    of building the WALL is to stop US citizens to seek help in Mexico

  • VeganVibes says:

    Anyone know where we can find part2 of this video??? C’mon don’t leave us
    all hanging here! Lol 😜

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