Weight Loss Video v2

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  • cheeksn1 says:

    loved the haul, and coconut water always made my smoothies taste really

  • jewels robinson says:

    You look amazing! Have your try ground flaxseed? I use (Spectrum brand) put
    it on my oatmeal, in smoothies like the idea rich omega 3 and fatty acids,
    will you do a video preparing egg plant, love your vids:)

  • Charese Chambers says:

    honey coconut milk with banana is life…and i eat it as ice cream…freeze
    the banana…with some almonds or strawberries…great desert or coconut

  • Sky Santana says:

    yass, im all about that trader joes / whole foods life.
    I’m actually paleo myself, and soon enough I’m thinking of doing like a
    “fit friday” type of thing.
    deff interested in that green smoothie recipe,
    i like to use kale and apples.
    btw check out Bethanny’s skinny girl cocktail waters (from real house wives
    of ny), u can find it in walmart. they’re healthy and amazing af. plus
    great mixers/chasers.
    i buy all my fruit from dollar tree. the cheapest n best alternative cus
    fresh fruit can get expensive

  • Meggan Fedrick says:

    why do ppl choose to not eat red meet I get pork but not red meet.

  • TheMzny says:

    recipe please!

  • caburnha61 says:

    Would love to see how you make the green smoothie! ratios of fruit to veg
    is something I’d like to hear about

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