Nutritional supplements danger: dietary products lead to 23,000 ER visits a year – TomoNews

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  • Shadownoob Noobslayer says:

    so what they wish to say is do not buy any kind of phills coz they are not
    safe and u are experimental hapster and if u die its your problem …

  • Jade “ghgghghjh” ok says:

    Weight loss and energy boosting supplements are not “nutritional
    supplements”. By the title, I thought you meant vitamin supplements and

  • The Wicker Parker says:

    Some time’s I use Niacin 500MG, and my skin become itchy for 45 minutes but
    I don’t mind it because I do feel the energy throw out my day.
    Is Niacin 500 Mg bad for you??
    Any buddy knows about it??

  • Vladimir Lenin says:

    The capitalists harm more than they tend to heal eh??

  • gchannel says:

    Trust big pharma they have your best intentions !

  • hoosierhiver says:

    Time out, “weight loss and energy boosting supplements” are not nutritional

  • Christian Lopez says:

    big surprise…

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