Weight Loss Video v2

Want to lose some weight? Try these simple weight loss strategies to transform your body in 6 weeks

Learn why much of what you have been told about weight loss is a lie and what to do about it....

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5 simple weight loss tips that will have you shedding pounds starting this week.....

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Simple weight loss system is helping 1000’s to get in shape…..


  • Yuki Halleck says:

    I looove your vest ♡♡♡

  • Donna Dee says:

    Hey Jordan, 👋🏽 I’m a new subscriber and also a personal trainer. I
    absolutely 💕LOVE 💕 your motivational weight loss/fitness videos!! I’m
    used to being the one to motivate others so having you motivate ME is very
    much appreciated!! 💜👍🏽

  • Yeseniaandfamily says:

    Ur so amazing and me and my husband like watching your videos, and give us
    lots of great advise.😊😊😊❤️😊

  • Hannah Vitello says:

    Love the vest!

  • glsims65 says:

    Love 1stPhorm! I’m still a newbie and wonder how you learned to figure out
    your macros so it doesn’t take eating the same meals?Any tips? Thanks,and
    congrats on your success.

  • Kelsey Megan says:

    I’m really interested in your positive talk/thought video! Some days are
    harder than others and I’ll take all the tips I can!

  • Kenniasbeautychannel says:

    Thank you so much for this!💕 Not only will this helped me on my workout
    journey but now everyday that I wake up I want to actually do things not
    day dream for hours like I always do.

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