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Weight Loss Video v2

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  • MissAnaM86 says:

    I am your before! I just weighed myself a few days ago and I am 211lbs! My
    goal for now is 150 because I just never thought getting to the 120’s was
    even possible but you are truly an inspiration!

  • grit sparkles says:

    PS please make a video on confidence! I would love to hear your take on it.

  • baymamaz650 says:

    thank you for answering my question!! I am scared if i ever lose this
    weight i would not be happy with my boobs…but you are right you look
    great and i would rather be healthy and fit more than anything.

  • IamBeautful says:

    Can you do a detailed video on the first 6 months of your weight loss?
    -What did you eat?
    – How many calories did you eat?
    -What was the gym like for you?
    – How many days of week did you work out and how long?
    – The amount of carbs you eat now and then in grams?

    I know those are a lot of questions but I cant stay motivated for longer
    than 3 weeks and I need a plan to help me to get myself together…thanks

  • Fatimah Brown says:

    what workout dvd’s do u like

  • crownedwithbeauty says:

    Would you ever become a personal trainer?

  • 1972centaur says:

    Fantastic video!

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