Weight Loss Tricks You’re Doing Wrong | EP15

Weight Loss Video v2

Want to lose some weight? Try these simple weight loss strategies to transform your body in 6 weeks

Learn why much of what you have been told about weight loss is a lie and what to do about it....

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5 simple weight loss tips that will have you shedding pounds starting this week.....

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  • Lind0487 says:

    Hey Jen! Loved your video! Question- I am having a hard time getting my
    fats in because I’m allergic to avocado, dairy and almonds. I’ve been doing
    a lot of peanut butter but am afraid it might be hindering my fat loss. Any
    suggestions? Thanks so much, love love love your energy!! 😃

  • Tia Lipovsek says:

    Great video Jen!! I was wondering where did u buy the spiralizer? Those
    zuccini noodles looking bomb!!<3

  • paprikca58 says:

    hey jen, having a hard time making sure im calculating macros correctly. on
    you calculator what would you consider moderately active vs very active?

  • despinagali says:

    I’m a true example of how cutting carbs prevents you from losing weight. I
    have celiac disease and other digestive issues and I can’t digest alot of
    carbs.. so the only carb in this universe that I can eat without plain are
    potatoes, I get tired of eating them so sometimes I skip it,, in the
    process of that I’m not losing weight at all you would think that I would
    but my weight hasn’t budged for over a year. so yea don’t cut carbs

  • Rosemary Benites says:

    Looks like her dog got to one of her pillows. lol

  • Laura Sanderson says:

    Thanks 🙂 I’m sharing with my son , he dose MMA

  • Lam8261 says:

    This video is EXACTLY what I needed to see today!! I feel like you were
    peeking into my life and talking directly to me. Hahaha! Thank you!

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