Fit Tea and My 31 FitDance Day Challenge (Keaira LaShae)

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  • Akeks QUEEN says:

    i wona dance with u on IfYouCanMove but it’s pay and my mom don’t wona pay
    still doing old workout love u!!

  • bluckamey says:

    Are you still vegan because I think fit tea has honey powder so wouldn’t
    that make it not vegan? I just want to know before I buy it because I am
    trying to go vegan.

  • ElijahMay13 says:

    Does this tea really help weightloss?

  • LaToya Shoemaker says:

    If I wanted to sign up for the 3 month plan I would be billed $24.99 every
    3 months or monthly?

  • Ri Culture says:

    I’ve been meaning to try this Fit Tea!

  • Kristina DeJesus (Kristy) says:

    Hey girl! I love FitTea! I’m killing the challenge and still going strong.
    About do to this day 8 workout

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