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Weight Loss Video v2

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  • kimberkiss says:

    omg thank you! thank you! thank you! for doing this video! you rock!!!
    you’re gorgeous and you inspire me to get healthier 🙂 freeleebananagirl
    she says carbs are good but I notice when I eat them i gain weight like
    crazy(meaning breads and pastas) I do love veggies my dad has a garden
    which is a huge plus! your family is so cute. thanks again for this.

  • FrattyFitness says:

    Great video! yes, it’s all about a balance! Some sugar (bad sugar that is)
    is okay but definitely have be healthy :D

  • Lisa C. says:

    Great video. Amen @ eating protein first and making it your main macro, and
    also amen @ stressing weight training being a critical part for shape,
    strength and weight control!!! Try ubiquinol instead of your coq10. I’m
    going to research carrageenan. Good job, girl!

  • jenGeeJushawshee (Jen) says:

    You eat an awful lot of dairy. Have you ever considered trying a vegan
    diet? I have been a personal trainer for the last 15 years. I saw excellent
    results, but I started seeing AWESOME results when I changed to a vegan
    diet! I’ve also had fewer migraines and improved my chronic medical
    problems in general. Soy is an excellent source of protein for women.
    You can improve your popcorn by making it in organic olive oil or buying a
    large pre-popped bag from Costco that is organic, non-GMO, high in fiber
    and low in salt. Skinny Pop and organic FIT Popcorn are both good ones.
    Adrian is a cutie, but it’s funny that he doesn’t know what a kettle bell
    is!! Take Care, xx Jen

  • Kay Tee says:

    sooooo is your son single and how old is he?? haha

  • Susan Kando says:

    Hard to believe you have a son that old. He’s very handsome .. and you look
    amazing gorgeous! your hair, makeup (lip color ?)and that burgundy color
    top looks good on you

  • crazypeg2008 says:

    Great video!!! I see eggs in my future ?

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