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  • BecksLife says:

    Everyone that is hating! Just leave her alone, let her upload what she
    wants to!

  • David Macdonald says:

    sorry but you are missing the point.

  • Isabel Buechner says:

    I don’t understand how you can promote these products when you had an
    eating disorder in the past. Very dissapointed.

  • David Macdonald says:

    sorry but it is things like skiny tea, that give young girls feelings like
    there body’s are not thin enough , these things let parasites pray on young
    girls minds , for cash.i like your channel, but this does more harm than
    good .you must realise, a lot of young girls and guy’s look to what you do

  • Beatriz Salvador says:

    All of you in the comments saying that she is not recovered, Don’t say that
    ! Thats not helping her at all ! If you think that you should help her, you
    dont help a person by saying awfull things. We all deserve respect living
    or not with an eating disorder.

  • Hannah McCoy says:

    I feel like a lit of people are generalising and vilifying her for using
    tea based on fear. have a looked at the ingredit list. I did. its all
    natural. I feel like a lot of people jumped the gun on this. Especially
    with her past I feel like some of her viewers arnt trusting her enough that
    she’s doing this based on her own morals not BC she’s a sellout.

  • Julia Horntvedt says:

    you dont look healthy anymore. I can see in yiur eyes that you are
    struggeling, and your voice is very slow. You don’t eat enough, and by
    drinking this shit does not make it any better

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