DROP Your Weight Loss EXCUSES

Weight Loss Video v2

Want to lose some weight? Try these simple weight loss strategies to transform your body in 6 weeks

Learn why much of what you have been told about weight loss is a lie and what to do about it....

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5 simple weight loss tips that will have you shedding pounds starting this week.....

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  • Brian Edward says:

    You are such an inspiration brother. Keep up the awesome work. I love your

  • ckrtom2 says:

    Great motivation as always. I do think the “wanting it bad (enough)” mantra
    is a bit dangerous and slippery. We have to be grounded and committed to
    the changes — do it even when we don’t want it enough. Detach emotions
    from the changes…You’re so right on many points. Choices, choices,
    choices! But, ironically, don’t give ourselves choices. A solid mindset is
    required. I don’t give myself the option or the choice to not eat healthy.
    I don’t negotiate with myself. Been doing this over ten years. Don’t bemoan
    the work. Learn to embrace it. It can and will become your norm in time…

  • TheRnBFan says:

    Good video Ben! 👍🏻

  • shaun mabey says:

    My brothers rubgy coch had a heart attack and due yesterday because of
    being over weight

  • shaun mabey says:

    Pro tip of your losing weight but stop every few day just carry on because
    you are actually still losing the weight it’ll just take longer

  • geecheejeff says:

    “Excuses ONLY sounds good to the person who is making them” JaRonFIt

  • FlamingPhoenix says:

    The problem with the myfitnesspal app is that it’s age restricted and I
    want to be able to lose weight while properly calculating my age to my
    calories. Is there any way I can get around this?

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