Durianrider: Yoga Is Useless For Cycling Weight Loss

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  • Julie Hunt says:

    I like yoga, and yoga likes me . . . nuf said . . . !

  • vivaLucci says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Peter Sagan. ;)

  • Unnaturally Natural says:

    Totally agree 🙂 there’s lots of different types of yoga, and benefits you
    in lots of different ways.

  • Planett Nicci says:

    I’ve never liked his negative comments on the subject and basically think
    he is full of it. Since he has never done it for any length of time and has
    no clue his advice is pointless.Not all yoga is indoors and he’s obviously
    never tried Iyengar nor would he be able to. I’ve been doing yoga for over
    20 years and find it is helpful in every aspect of my life.

  • Hillary The Vegan Nerd (Hillary the Nerd) says:

    I would love to see DR try and some intense yoga. That would be a site.

  • tamcon72 says:

    “You’re breathing in everyone else’s farts.” Oh, Harley, don’t ever change.
    Thanks for posting this. : )

  • Amber Michelle says:

    I’m a yoga instructor and yoga is a huge part of my life. I do it because
    it’s a beautiful lifestyle and makes my body feel awesome. That being said,
    I also use my body for transportation a lot (I don’t own a car and walk or
    bus everywhere) and practice some very challenging circuit training
    workouts every morning while also eating a very clean, vegan diet. I think
    it’s all about each person finding a balance that works for them. However,
    for someone to say that yoga sucks because they don’t do it seems very
    close-minded to me. Happy Healthy Vegan, I like your input on this.

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