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  • Maxime Laneville says:

    You turned me onto the vegan lifestyle as well man. A few months ago I was
    researching whether or not cliff bars were healthy and I stumbled upon your
    video wherein you mentioned the plant base diet. From there, I watched more
    and more of your videos, which gave me a perspective on the vegan diet that
    I never heard before. Now I eat vegan most days and I’m getting more and
    more consistent, working my way up to being fully vegan. Thank you so much!

  • Mommywant2BVEGAN says:

    Thanks for this video Jay…i will check out her channel

  • Mindy Kay says:

    I love videos like this…so inspiring!

  • FGFsMo says:

    Wow good for her for having the courage to share her before and after
    photos. Great video and props to her!

  • thelittlemuffet says:

    Is it true that you lose muscle, and therefore screw up your metabolism,
    when you lose weight too quickly? The first time I went vegan I lost 30 lbs
    in 3 months. I gave up and went back to eating vegetarian and gained 70
    lbs. I took responsibility for the weight gain and chalked it up to lack of
    willpower; could it have been due to messing with my metabolism, or is
    there no truth to that?

  • sinematic06 says:

    Ok I’m ready to fully commit to a vegan plant based lifestyle. How exactly
    do I get started? Any meal plan books I can use as a guide to help me? It
    would be nice to know WHAT and how to eat now that I know what I need to
    let go of. Any meal plan recommended books would be much appreciated.

  • DaniJo2320 says:

    Am I missing something or did she say those pics are only one month apart
    (dec 28 then jan 29)?

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