Yoga Tone – Yoga For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Video v2

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  • Julie Stephens says:

    You bring joy, comfort and mental hygiene to my practice; I moved from LA
    to Austin about 7 months ago and I’m hoping someday to catch your class. I
    thought you would like the article below.


  • Studio Knit says:

    This was a great practice to start my looong day ahead… A great one to
    return to on the mat time and again. Thank you!!!

  • Yoga with Kassandra says:

    Great practice Adriene!

  • emily onestar says:

    I did find myself wishing this was a little longer I loved it! Thank you:)

  • Lynzey Lou says:

    I was sitting on the floor stretching and playing with my son wondering
    what I was going to do for yoga today, when I remembered Wednesday is your
    upload day! Loved this and plan to revisit it often. 😄

  • ayepol says:

    just did this practice as my ballet class warm-up. I broke a bone in my
    foot two months ago and Adriene’s practices saved my life in terms of
    keeping in shape and feeling active while on leave from my ballet company.
    Definitely going to keep up with my yoga practices once I return! I believe
    that an injury is an opportunity to learn new things about the body and
    discover how to be stronger and wiser. Thank you Adriene for helping me
    learn and discover my strengths through daily practice of your YouTube yoga
    classes and also for sharing your knowledge with your followers. Namaste

  • Stam S says:

    amazing sequence! thank you! just finished it and I feel strong! namaste!

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